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Ottawa Symphony Orchestra

Audition Requirements for Harp

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No substitutions of audition requirements are permitted.

Junior Harp Ensemble

• Students are requested to play one short, free-choice solo piece.

Intermediate Harp Ensemble

• Scales - one octave, hands together (in the keys of C, G, and F)

• One short, free-choice solo piece

• Students will also be given one short sight-reading excerpt to play at the audition.

Senior Harp Ensemble

• Scales - two octaves, hands together (in various keys)

• One free-choice solo piece demonstrating current level of playing

• If a student would also like to be considered for placement in OJYO or OYO, he/she must also play one cadenza. (Choose one: cadenzas from The Nutcracker OR Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky, Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra by Britten, or Tzigane by Ravel)

• Students will also be given a sight-reading excerpt to play at the audition.